Meet Our Team

Meet the doctors and team of Cabarrus Animal Hospital. We’re pleased to provide exceptional vet care for your pets.
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Our Doctors

Dr. Blake Peurifoy

DVM - Practice Owner

Dr. Michael Robinson

VMD - Practice Owner

Dr. Beth Weiss

DVM - Veterinarian

Dr. John Harroff

VMD - Veterinarian

Dr. Charla Moore

DVM - Veterinarian

Dr. Alisha Kidwell

DVM - Veterinarian

Dr. Lea Barbee

DVM - Veterinarian

Dr. Jennifer Stevens

DVM - Veterinarian

Dr. Molly Conrad

DVM - Veterinarian

Dr. Austin Hill

DVM - Veterinarian

Our Management Team

Marjorie Holloway

Practice Manager

Cindy Thompson

Practice Manager

Leslie Thompson

Head of Nursing

Support Staff

Elise Stanback

Pharmacy Manager

Meredith Stafford

Veterinary Assistant/Reception

Connie Hill

Charge Nurse

Patsy Leon

Charge Nurse/Dental Assistant

Tammy Kozlowski


Elizabeth Rothwell

Veterinary Assistant